Aptana Studio 3 – A great Open Source IDE

It’s not easy to choose the right tools for our work. Today I’ll talking about the Aptana Studio 3.0.

Aptana Studio is an IDE based in Eclipse (built in java, thus multiplatform). I currently use Aptana Studio as my Rails IDE under Mac OS X and the experience, so far, has been great.

The syntax highlighting, the autocomplete ( among many other features ) turn this IDE into a productivity buster.You can download it here.

Including features such as GIT integration, built-in terminal, deployment wizard, integrated ruby debugger, its an excellent choice for web development.

If your language is PHP, RUBY or python, than Aptana Studio is your IDE.

Well, try it out for yourself :)

Here are a few screenshots of Aptana Studio running under Windows on my netbook.

Even with the small processing power of the netbook, Aptana runs smoothly.

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