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Cool tooltips with Tooltipsy – How to use them with a jquery dialog

One of these days I discovered this wonderful JQuery plugin which allows us to create some cool tooltips with jquery.

The credits go to Brian Cray for creating this great plugin.

The usage is simple. All you have to do is to download the javascript file from the plugin website and then apply the plugin to you object. By default, the plugin shows on the tip content the title of the object, but this can easily be overridden by using the “content” attribute, and passing the desired html.
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How to check/uncheck checkbox with jquery

JQuery is a great framework and a great help bringing some eye-candy and interface richness into our webapps.

Like me, most of the web developers  don’t have the chance of learning JQuery from the top to the bottom, and all that’s left is a step-by-step approach, where the learning comes from specific needs on the current project.

Let’s see how we can check, uncheck and see the checkbox state with jquery.
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