[SQL Server] – Generate Random Datetime within a range

One of these days I had the need to obtain a random datetime inside a specified range, on SQL Server 2008.

After a few minutes I came up with this script:

DECLARE @DateFrom DATETime = '2012-01-01'
DECLARE @DateTo DATeTime = '2012-06-30'
DECLARE @DaysRandom Int= 0
DECLARE @MillisRandom Int=0

--get random number of days

select @DaysRandom= DATEDIFF(day,@DateFrom,@DateTo)
SELECT @DaysRandom = ROUND(((@DaysRandom -1) * RAND()), 0)

--get random millis
SELECT @MillisRandom = ROUND(((99999999) * RAND()), 0)

SELECT @DateTo = DATEADD(day, @DaysRandom, @DateTo)
SELECT @DateTo = DATEADD(MILLISECOND, @MillisRandom, @DateTo)

Hope it’s useful.

One thought on “[SQL Server] – Generate Random Datetime within a range”

  1. Line 14: SELECT @DateTo = DATEADD(day, @DaysRandom, @DateTo)

    should be

    SELECT @DateTo = DATEADD(day, @DaysRandom, @DateFrom)

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